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Meteor Defender

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This is Walter Wormsworth. He is an absolute Legend!

He can throw without arms and walk without legs. What a star!

Are you looking for the meteor defender or the same color matching game? So this Meteor Mania canon shoot game is for you. Meet Walter Wormsworth a great Star that throws without arms and walk without legs. Have you ever seen such a star in any ball matching game or meteor game? I am pretty sure; this is the first time you will see such a Star in this Meteor Mania – the best ball shooting game.

The Meteor Mania - meteor dodge is a unique and the best shooting game that contains the attractive features that you didn’t see anywhere else. This unique legend shooting game gives you the best experience of action games as well as arcade games. As the game contains a concept of multiple interest categories, if someone is looking for canon shoot game, ball matching game, or meteor attack game, this game gives you the best experience according to your interest.

Meteor Mania game is the best same color matching game and meteor defender game. This Meteor game is not hard to play, but as well it not as easy you might think. The game is challenging, and you will have to be active while playing this match and shoot game. The main character of this game is Walter Wormsworth that move left and right to pick the balls and match the same color. Along with choosing the ball and matching the same color, the star also shoots the meteorites with the canon. While playing this canon shoot game, you will have to take care of both these main features. You will have to avoid yourself to been hit with meteorites if you touch with any meteorite, the game ends and you need to play it again.

Best Features Include:
• Addictive gameplay, you would like to play it for a long.
• Attractive design and pleasant sounds.
• Swap the canon to match the same color ball.
• Shoot Meteorites with canons.
• Unique features and legend Star character.
• Leader board and points chart to see achievements.
• The Canon shooter ball matching game is free to play.

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